Cookies are small files that are installed on the user's computer at the request of the website and are used for the web service you are accessing perform certain functions.
This web service uses own and third for the maintenance of the user session accessing the service (technical cookies) cookies to customize the options chosen by the user (cookies customization) to perform a statistical analysis of the use of this web service (analysis cookies) and social networking (social networking cookies).
Then we proceed to explain the cookies used in this web service, which is use, the purpose you have and the possible consequences that may have whether they are disabled:
Cookies techniques are used to maintain the user session accessing this web service and are especially useful in maintaining the session in the restricted areas of this Web service to accessed. Therefore, for the web service to work properly you need to be enabled on the browser that can be installed cookies. For this reason, if you have disabled the browser to install cookies, restricted areas of this Web service will not function correctly. Once the user ends their session, the session cookie will no longer be useful and will be deleted.
Cookies customization are used so that the browser can remember your preferences (such as users and email you used to include a comment, the navigation language chosen, preferred options, etc ...) this cookie is stored on your computer and does not identify you as a user of the web service; therefore, if accessed from another terminal equipment, not having installed this cookie will not know your preferences. If you have disabled the use of cookies, will not be stored on their terminal equipment your preferences in the web service, and therefore each time you access the service must choose them again.
Cookies social networks are third-party cookies and are used to allow the user to interact with the various social networks that referred to in this website (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc ...). The conditions of use of these cookies and the information collected are governed by the privacy and cookies each social network. If you have disabled the use of cookies, you can not interact with the various social networks, but public information Web service is also displayed.
A Here are the cookies used in this web service
Type of cookie
Use and purpose
Keep the session user browsing this site
Remember that you have accepted cookies policy.
Social networks
Google com
It is stored on pages where Google map shows the location of BONROSTRO
Please note that, in any own cookies used, information identifying the user, such as names, email address or postal mail, etc., or they are used to obtain or access user information is stored.
In addition, users who do not want cookies installed on your computer or wish to be informed when a cookie is being installed on your computer, can configure their browser to work that way. It is also reported that users can delete all the cookies generated on your computer at any time.
Then links major browsers so you can learn more about what cookies are installed on your computer, allow or block its installation, or how to proceed with the disposal of them is. Depending on which browser you use, choose one of the following links:

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